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Shared Kitchen Membership

What does Indy’s Culinary Centre & Eatery offer my business?

Quite a bit! Shared Kitchen Memberships at ICCE offer businesses access to our kitchens and our extensive selection of equipment. Shared Kitchen Member businesses can sign up for the hours that work for them 24 hrs. a day 7 days a week Learn more about perks of being a Shared Kitchen Member.

Please note we are a cashless facility

Shared Kitchen Licensing Model

ICCE will offer its services at a flat hourly rate based on kitchen choice. All Licensees, with exception of food trucks and Pre pay 20 members , will be billed on the first of each month the minimum required 4 hours at $22.00 an hour each membership includes 4 hours of designated dining space each month .The minimum charge will commensurate the selection, and unused hours will NOT carry forward to the following month. Prepay 20 is a prepay plan charged on  the 1st of each month $440.00 for 20 hours of any space and a choice of 1 half shelf of dry space, freezer or fridge space.  Below are the following Shared Kitchen Licensing options :

Catering kitchen: $27.00/hr.  Minimum booking is 3 hours. per booking  

Available Equipment: Oven, stove, Prep table, and lower-level staging access. 

Virtual Kitchen: $25.00/hr. Minimum booking is 3 hours per booking .

Available Equipment: 3  portable burners stove, Prep table, steamer, fryer.

Bakers Corner: $21.00/hr. Minimum booking is 2 hours per booking

Available Equipment: Oven, mixer,  2 portable burners and preparation table. 

Food Truck Service

Kitchen Prep: $125/month for 3 hours of kitchen prep time allocated each month with no rollover of unused hours.

Available Equipment: Dishwashing, towel service, and limited trash disposal. It is required that any and all access to the premises follows strict protocols that will be provided upon approval of License. 


Dry storage: $20 per month per assigned space.

Refrigerated storage: $20 per month for half shelf. $40 for whole shelf

Freezer storage: $25 per month for half shelf. $45 for whole shelf

Cages: $100 per month for one full cage. $30 per one-third cage

Designated dining room $20.00 an hr for  rental beyond alloted monthly hours 

Types of Businesses

Does ICCE accommodate delivery-only businesses?

Yes! We’d love to be your kitchen for your delivery-only food concept through our Shared Kitchen Membership. You can operate your business from a pre-pay monthly plan or hourly and use the shared kitchen.

Can ICCE accommodate my food truck business?

Yes! We can surely accommodate your business needs. Food truck businesses sign up for Shared Kitchen Memberships and our flat rate plan and includes 3 hrs. of prep time plus all other member amenities ICCE is the place for your business! We provide waste water disposal for food trucks.

Food and Dining

Who is selling food and what hours is food available at ICCE? 

You can buy food from other ICCE’S pop in members! We offer pop in opportunities for entities too have their menu in front of our building tenants in 15 day increments for a fee upon completion of our mandatory training.

ICCE Eatery? 

We have a full-service in-house eatery available to serve our corporate tenants as well as the public from 7:30 am – 2:00 pm Monday through Friday dine in pick up and delivery are available through our online ordering system.

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